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In 1974, Laurel released its first LP premiere recordings of the chamber music of Paul Hindemith, Igor Stravinsky, Ernest Krenek, David Baker, Robert Muczynski, and Malcolm Williamson. From its beginning, Laurel Records has produced audiophile LP's and CD's of over 100 works of music - by more than forty contemporary composers - to critical acclaim.

In business for over 35 years, Laurel Records is grateful for the reception it has received from customers and music critics alike, who have been responsive to Laurel's unusual repertoire, definitive and moving performances by fine soloists and chamber players, and for Laurel's outstanding sonic qualities, whether on LP or CD.

The founder of Laurel Records, Herschel Burke Gilbert, was steadfast in his commitment to producing quality recordings. A composer with over 20 years of history in the motion picture and television industry, recipient of Oscar and Emmy nominations, he wrote more than 35 film scores and composed music for hundreds of television episodes, including the Rifleman series. He was a pioneer in background music for television. With his passing in 2003, Laurel Records is continuing his legacy and commitment to quality. See a 2-1/2 hour interview of Herschel Burke Gilbert on YouTube conducted by the Film Music Society's John Burlingame.

Laurel Records is a leader in the field of audiophile chamber music recordings by virtue of its conservative approach to recording, editing and mastering of its music. The results of this approach can be heard on the numerous Laurel Records CD's which have received outstanding reviews in Stereophile and Fanfare magazines. Excerpts from some of these reviews can be seen in our Reviews section.

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